About the drawings
and physical samples

As manufacturers of metalworking components and parts with specific uses and precise functionalities; in CMPT GROUP we require that all quotes and job applications are accompanied by a drawing and / or physical sample, which allows us to understand the design of the part, the use for which it is required, its dimensions and their tolerances.

Each plan is considered the property of the client and as such is respected and safeguarded its use.

Important recommendations that allow us to quote
and subsequently manufacture its components:

in detail the drawings you plan to provide us and
each of the measurements denoting those that are critical and specifying their tolerances.

Please remember that ANY CHANGE you make to a drawing, no matter how minimal, makes obsolete the one you have previously sent us and that the ONLY way to realize in CMPT GROUP is when your Company sends timely and formal communication informing it.

Make sure that the drawings are MARKED with the logo of your Company and that the reference on each plan is the same as described in your purchase order.

It is YOUR COMPANY'S RESPONSIBILITY to make this communication and save said report signed by CMPT GROUP or copy of the email as a sign of knowledge.

If you have a physical sample of the required part, please always try to ATTACH it as it can be of great help.

Thank you for attending these recommendations!

Our greatest interest is to serve you promptly and effectively.

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