We are good people!

We work with passion, manufacture with precision and negotiate with respect.

We are friendly, respectful and with strong human values, working as a team and wanting do an excellent job, to leave a positive imprint to this world that we live through our honest and reliable work.

An interdisciplinary team of professionals, as well as personnel specialized in the metalworking trade, make it possible for our customers' orders to be planned, developed and delivered with high quality standards.

Our Values







Do things right!

Since 1979

We are a guarantee of good products!

CMPT GROUP, LLC is proudly
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We have extensive and outstanding experience in the manufacture of multiple metalworking components for the entire industry.

Parts manufactured with high quality standards to guarantee the functionality of your design.

We are passionate about what we do, with whom we do it, how we do it and for whom we do it!

Work responsibly
for our

We inspect and control from beginning to end, that all our processes meet the quality required to deliver components to total satisfaction.