We meet

We work from drawings and/or physical samples supplied by the customer to give compliance with each of the specific requirements on each of the components.

We deliver parts manufactured with the highest demands on quality and precision to ensure the functionality of your design.

Materials we transform

We work from round, hexagonal, square or planten bars or rods in materials such as brass, aluminum, copper, low carbon steels and stainless or even engineering plastics and we have hosting bar capacity in diameters from 1/8″ up to 2″ and up to 7″ for manufacturing in series of individual pieces.


Engineering plastics




Some components we transform are:

And much more, as long as there is a drawing or a physical sample supplied by the customer!

That's how we do it!

We are able to manufacture components for the assembly of multiplicity of industrial sectors, among them: Electricity sector, home appliances, auto parts, aeronautics, shipping, carrier, architecture and design, arm accessories, bike accessories, etc.

We have machinery: